Mac Support

Mac Support for Businesses

Working on the Apple Computers requires specialized expertise and knowledge. If you're looking for Mac support for your small-to-midsize business in the Dallas metroplex, District 24 IT is on call to help, 24/7.

District 24 IT has been working with Apple since 1995, so we can perform updates, upgrades, and maintenance without the learning curve. As Apple Specialists, we can get what you need faster, which means less downtime for your business.

Network Support and Service for Your Macs

From graphic design firms, top publishing houses, ad agencies and more, many businesses run on Macs. We offer IT network support for all Mac-based systems.

Relieve the burden of your IT staff -- we'll be your 24/7 Mac IT support staff, on call when you need us. Across the Dallas metroplex, we offer:

  • Managed Services for Macs
  • Mac Data Backup
  • Mac Network Support
  • Cloud computing through your Mac network
  • Network and IT support
  • Mac Data Security
  • Mac Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Mac Data Recovery

Friendly, Personalized Service

When you call District 24 IT, our trained, friendly service staff will answer the phones to help you immediately. No long wait times, no frustrating phone menus -- just fast, knowledgeable service from a local human being based right here in our Dallas office.

From there, we'll listen to your problems or IT support needs, and connect you with the right experts who can offer the Mac support you need. We can work on many problems remotely, saving you time and money. No waiting for service calls means less downtime.

If we send a technician to your Dallas based office, we promise to be there fast because we're local, too.

Save Money with Outsourced Mac Support

Whether you need outside help for a specific project, system upgrades,  a network overhaul, or need a day-to-day IT staff to monitor and manage the Macs on your network remotely, District 24 IT offers comprehensive Mac IT services at affordable prices.

Outsourced Mac IT support means no hiring headaches and training costs. No employee turnover. Just fast, friendly, reliable IT support for your Macintosh based network. Our staff members are experts in Mac OS X Operating System and stay-up-to-date with training and certifications with new Mac products as they are released. We stay on the cutting-edge of Mac technology to provide you with the best service available in the Dallas area.

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Can your IT guy do that?  Windows Servers talking to Mac computers - no problem!  Mac Servers talking to  Windows computers - no problem! Mac and Windows computers all working together in harmony, sharing files and printers across the network - No Problem!  We have you covered when it comes to Mac's.

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