Letter from the president

From the desk of Don Laws, President of District 24 IT

Dear Buisness Owner,

I entered the IT world as a business owner more than 15 years ago and  discovered, even back then, how much Dallas small business owners rely  on having the right IT service and support.

If you are a small-to-mid-size firm, your in-house IT department  becomes like a magician, with the power to keep your business running at  top efficiency or cripple it with network infrastructure and IT systems that don't run like they should.

That was more than two decades ago, and today's business owners are  even more reliant on the right technology to keep their company secure,  profitable and running at peak performance. Hiring the right IT service and support staff is crucial, but where do you find someone you can trust to establish, service and maintain your mission critical data and  systems?

The right IT solutions can be costly, and business owners are left with just a handful of choices:

- Manage IT yourself or have an employee who likes “playing with  computers” running your network. This rarely works, because IT service  and support requires specialized knowledge and skills, not to mention  time and focus. How can an employee with other duties give your systems  the attention they deserve?

- Hire a “mom-and-pop” local IT firm to fill your IT needs on a  budget. But small IT firms and people who do IT “on the side” aren't  always there when you need them, with 24/7 service and support. What  happens when your server goes down at 2 PM on a Sunday afternoon and you  can't reach the network administrator?

- Outsource your IT services overseas. This is an affordable solution  that might work, if not for time zone differences and language  barriers. Plus, some IT solutions require on-site support. Outsourcing  IT solutions overseas can leave you hanging just when you need support  the most.

Finally, you can call a local, professional IT service provider that offers 24/7, live support and will work with you to create a tailor-made IT solution that is right for your business.  We're local, so we can provide on-site support whenever you need it, and  we're available round-the-clock for IT emergencies.  

Downtime? Not an option for the District 24 IT team. We set higher standards, and if your system crashes, we'll get it up and running in record time so you can get back to the business of making money.

Fast, Friendly, Efficient Service

The 24-Hour Computer Difference means we promise to:

   · Offer a free, on-site consultation where we'll establish your IT needs and  develop customized       solutions at an affordable rate for your business

   · Provide round-the-clock, 24/7 service for your network and IT systems

   · Take the time to listen to your needs and speak in language you'll understand -- not technical jargon

   · Have skilled professional IT specialist available round-the-clock to  answer your questions and      provide the IT service and support you need

   · Keep all your professional details and mission critical data strictly confidential

   · Keep your data safe and 100% secure through state-of-the-art security protocols

   · Make sure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of service we provide at District 24 IT

We're in the Business of Keeping Your Business Running

When you work in the tech industry as I do, you often get  wrapped up in machines, network infrastructure, virtualization, etc. It's true  that our IT professionals are trained in a wide variety of technology services to provide everything Dallas business owners need in terms of  IT support.

But every so often, I like to think about why we do what we do. Our purpose is to provide affordable, tailor-made IT solutions to companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, with personalized 24/7 support. 

Why? Because good IT support is hard to find, and we know that when we help  businesses with our IT service and solutions, we're making a difference  and providing peace of mind for thousands of people in hundreds of  industries. And making a difference is really what it's all about, isn't it?

Don Laws