Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services, help businesses save time, money and allows financial flexibility in regards to their IT.   When your company's mission critical software is hosted in the cloud, you'll avoid expensive hardware upgrades and time-intensive installations completed by your in-house IT staff or outsourced IT support service providers.

District 24 IT and our expert IT support and service providers are trained in a wide range of cloud-based IT solutions and services, including:

  •  CRM
  •  Inventory
  •  Off-site data storage & archiving
  •  Off-site data backups
  •  Hosted / managed email solutions  & email archiving
  •  Business accounting & finance
  •  Secure Web portals
  •  Private Cloud
  •  VoIP Implementation
  •  Spam Filtering
  •  Email Spooling

What Is “the Cloud"?

Most business owners have heard of “the cloud,” but many people perceive it to be a top-secret IT solution and much more complicated than it really is.

Cloud computing or cloud services are really just business software solutions that are hosted on the Internet or a secure data center and maintained by our experienced technicians. At District 24 IT, we take pride in offering a tailor-made solution for every client and adding an extra layer of security and stability.  

Cloud based storage and cloud based software services save money by:

  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Reducing the need for expensive software upgrades
  • Reducing the need for IT staff to manage and maintain the software; it's all done with our managed services when you use cloud services through District 24 IT
  • Providing greater flexibility; pay-per-user, on-demand, so as your business needs change, you can adjust your access and contract to fit

Cloud services provide convenience and greater peace-of-mind.

One of the biggest benefits to cloud services for business owners is the convenience it offers. Access your company's mission critical applications from anywhere with Internet access, on the road, from your smartphone, iPad or other tablet, or right at your desk.  All you need is the latest version of your choice of Web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Our IT support services include setting up your cloud computing, managing your access and training your team in the operation of your company's new Software as a Service solutions.  Access your cloud services through a secure server, located in an SAS 70 Type II facility -- the highest security certifications offered in corporate IT -- with hardware that is more robust, sophisticated and secure than most Dallas small-to-midsize businesses could afford. With all your data stored in the cloud, you never have to worry about localized natural disasters or system failures. Access it from anywhere, at any time, 24/7.

White Glove Customer Service: The District 24 IT Cloud Service Promise.

Along with the convenience, affordability, security and stability of cloud services, when you contact us to set up your cloud IT solutions, you'll enjoy our renowned 24/7 IT support and service.

Need more training? District 24 IT has cloud computing and software experts on site to answer all your questions.

Experiencing problems or glitches with your cloud service? Call us anytime, 24/7, and we're standing by with IT solutions.

We know the software and applications you use to run your business are what keep your business running and profitable! Downtime is just not acceptable -- to you or to us. Whether you need cloud software solutions, cloud data storage or cloud backups, we offer the managed services you need to keep your systems running 24/7. And if there is ever a problem, we're there.

When you call District 24 IT, a real computer expert will answer the phone and help solve your problems. We understand how frustrating it can be to need IT support help. Not everyone is a computer genius. We understand. We employ the best IT support and service experts to fill all your cloud service and managed service needs, so you can focus on the business of running your business.

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Do you need to migrate some or all of your business to the Cloud?  From Hosted Exchange, offsite backup, remote access, Software as a Service to setting up your own Private Cloud in our partner's managed Colocation (CO-LO), we can help you every step of the way.  

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